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Manufacturing, Distribution and Analysis

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Genesis is a single enterprise database which is designed to make your business more efficient.

What is ERP?

ERP is at the centre of your business integrating, automating and streamlining tasks such as product inventory, customer records and orders and financial data, giving you real-time visibility across your entire business.

How does it work?

Genesis fully integrates with your existing enterprise packages and is modular giving greater flexiblity. We are unique because we tailor make Genesis to meet each company's individual business demands.

Scales with you

Genesis has been built to scale with your business with no imposed restrictions on users or data, it is backed by trusted software technogies such as Microsoft SQL Server and .NET, helping facilitate greater integration.

Built for Business

With complete supply chain integration the following features improve your business processes and drive efficiency, saving you both time and money.

Inventory Management

Use inventory management to gain real-time control and reporting of stock levels and material costs, while tracking them in multiple locations and warehouses.

Manage your stock from purchase through to manufacturing and sales, while integrating with eCommerce and accounting software you already use.


Take control of your supply chain and gain greater visibily of every order going out the door. Genesis provides tools to help you manage distribution from end to end.

Track orders from Pick to Pack and then Dispatch in real-time. Integrate with your preferred logistics partner for customer order tracking.

Reporting & Analysis

Genesis provides the information needed to make real-time, informed and strategic business decisions. Get up-to-date inventory numbers and sales margins with real-time updates to your existing accounting solution.

With Genesis you get real business insights with ease and remove the need to understand complex and costly BI technologies.

and so much more...

Multiple stock locations
Warehouse Management
Multi Currency
Accounts integration
Back Ordering
Branded communications

Well established

The Power of choice

Bring your accounting

You've likely built your business using Sage or other accounting software. Invested time and money in licensing, training and infrastructure, that's why we don't re-invent the accounting software. You bring your own and Genesis posts relevant sales data.

In-house or Hosted?

Genesis is built to be flexible, run on your existing network hardware or we can host it for you with access via secure VPN connections.

Powerful, Intuitive ERP

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